Open panel
  • Professor Rhonda Hatcher discusses mathematics with TCU undergraduates.

  • Professor José Carrión and TCU students construct a continuous nowhere-differentiable function.

  • Dr. Ze-Li Dou lectures on real analysis to a class of TCU math majors.

  • Professor Ken Richardson discusses differential geometry with TCU graduate students.



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Luis Fernando Mello from Universidade Federal de Itajubá (UNIFEI) will present a lecture, “On Central Configurations of the n-Body Problem” at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, August 23 in the Geometric and Geometric Analysis (GAGA) Seminar. The talk will be held in TUC 352.

Miriam Kuzbary, graduate student at Rice University, will speak on A New Concordance Group of Links on Tuesday, September 5 at 3:30 pm in TUC 352. Refreshments will be served beforehand in TUC 300.

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