Open panel
  • Professor Rhonda Hatcher discusses mathematics with TCU undergraduates.

  • Professor José Carrión and TCU students construct a continuous nowhere-differentiable function.

  • Dr. Ze-Li Dou lectures on real analysis to a class of TCU math majors.

  • Professor Ken Richardson discusses differential geometry with TCU graduate students.



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Dr. Sommer Gentry , Professor of Mathematics at the United States Naval Academy and Research Associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will be the 2020 Cecil H. and Ida Green Honors Chair in the Department of Mathematics. She will be giving the following talks:

Monday, February 24

Tuesday, February 25

Wednesday, February 26


The next meeting of the Geometry and Geometric Analysis (GAGA) Seminar will be Wednesday, March 4 at 3:00 in TUC 244. The speaker will be Dr. Anton Selitsky, who be be lecturing on “Fractional Powers of Operators Corresponding to Coercive Problems in Lipschitz Domains.”

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