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Brad Beadle ’96

We old-timers in the TCU Math Department fondly recall our former student Brad Beadle (’96), who earned a double major in mathematics and engineering. While at TCU, Brad was a Calculus Bee finalist as well as Math Department Senior Scholar. Here’s a picture of Brad as a first-year student in Dr. Bob Doran’s honors calculus class:

Young Brad Beadle

What has Brad been up to since graduating from TCU?

“I landed in Germany as a result of a good mix of rational and irrational decision-making. After TCU, I made the rational decision to attend graduate school. After that I made the irrational decision of putting all of my belongings in 2 suitcases so that I could ‘hang out’ in Vienna. After 6 months at a language institute and ski trips to the Alps on the weekends, my savings was all gone and the girlfriend as well. Luckily I was able to land a job with a former graduate school colleague in Stuttgart. And well, I’ve lived and worked in Stuttgart ever since.”

Here’s Brad now:

Current Brad Beadle

Brad currently works as a technical consultant for Simcenter Test products for the firm Siemens Industry Software GmbH. He is also a faithful solver of the Problem of the Month in the TCU Math Department newsletter!

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