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MAT Program

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Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics

The Texas Christian University Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program in mathematics serves to prepare highly qualified teachers of mathematics at the secondary and two-year college levels. The program provides a broad knowledge of mathematics and its history, teaches problem solving skills, and exposes students to the general philosophy of mathematics alongside specific techniques for teaching mathematics. The degree plan includes 24-27 hours of graduate mathematics courses together with 9-12 hours of graduate education courses. Class sizes are small and the courses are scheduled in a flexible manner to accommodate the needs of full-time teachers.

Since the inception of the program in 2000, many students have graduated with the MAT degree in mathematics. Their success stories and employment opportunities offer a true measure of the program’s effectiveness. Graduates have pursued doctoral degrees in Mathematics Education, obtained instructor positions at colleges, and served as department chairs or lead AP teachers.

Award-winning professors, faculty expertise in a wide range of research areas, and abundant opportunities for one-to-one student and faculty interaction characterize our program.

Program Details

Coursework: The Master of Arts in Teaching program includes 24 hours of graduate mathematics courses and at least nine hours of graduate education courses. The MAT Program totals 36 hours. The remaining three-hour course may be chosen in either graduate mathematics or education, with approval of the MAT graduate program director. The MAT program totals at least 36 hours. Also, only 5 courses may be taken at the 50000-level; other classes must be at the 60000-level or higher. Mathematics coursework must include:

  • MATH 50253: Abstract Algebra
  • MATH 50503: Real Analysis
  • MATH 60023: Survey of Math Problems

All 50000 level courses count toward the MAT degree, subject to university restrictions.
Graduate education coursework shall include at least 9 hours from the following:

  • Any EDMT 50000+ level 3-hour course
  • EDSP 50663: Motivating and Managing Students in the Classroom
  • EDSP 58003: Methods for Students with Mathematics Learning Differences
  • EDSP 60233: Understanding Exceptional Children and Youth At-Risk
  • EDUC 50003: Diversity in American Education
  • EDUC 50143: Theories of Human Development
  • EDUC 50253: Technology Applications in Education
  • EDUC 60213: Psychology of Thinking and Learning
  • EDUC 60253: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 60313: Educational Assessment
  • EDUC 60980: Internship (6 hours)

Students seeking a secondary certificate in mathematics must independently apply to and be accepted by the Teacher Education Program in the TCU College of Education upon their enrollment in the MAT Program. Note that additional coursework is likely and will be determined by the College of Education, depending upon the student’s background.

For more information, contact
Ken Richardson
Director of Graduate Studies in Mathematics
TCU Box 298960
Fort Worth, TX 76129