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MS Program

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Master of Science in Mathematics

TCU’s Master of Science (MS) degree in mathematics features both a pure and an applied track. The pure track primarily prepares students for doctoral work in mathematics, whereas the applied track equips students with mathematical tools applicable in industry. The program provides a broad knowledge of mathematics and its history, teaches problem solving skills and exposes students to the general philosophy of mathematics. The pure track includes 36 hours of graduate mathematics courses; the applied track allows up to six hours of approved graduate science courses to count toward the 36-hour total. Class sizes are small and the courses are scheduled in a flexible manner to accommodate part-time students. Award-winning teachers, faculty expertise in a wide range of research areas and abundant opportunities for one-to-one student and faculty interaction characterize our program.

Program Details

Please go to this link to see the Mathematics MS program details.

For more information, contact
Ken Richardson
Professor and Graduate Director
Department of Mathematics
TCU Box 298900
Fort Worth, TX 76129