Open panel

Math Club Talk

Dr. E. Cabral Balreira, Trinity Univresity

Who’s the Best? Just Ask the Oracle

3:30 pm, Wednesday, November 14, TUC 244

We will explain the basic mathematical idea of a Google search and how to apply it for sports predictions. We will focus on the mathematics behind rankings systems and how to use Linear Algebra and network theory for the emerging field of sports analytics. We will introduce a new ranking method called the Oracle method that is a customizable network ranking method. We will illustrate its predictive power for the NFL and NBA.

E Cabral Balreira is a Professor of Mathematics at Trinity University, TX. He received his Ph.D. in differential topology from the University of Notre Dame and his current scholarly interests are in discrete dynamical systems and sports analytics. He was the Analytics director for the WNBA team San Antonio Stars. He has been a consultant for data analytics for local TV stations, other schools and non-profit organizations where his students are also involved in experiential learning. You can find him on Netflix in the series Friday Night Tykes teaching about mathematics and sports.

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