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Faculty & Staff

Photo of George Gilbert

George Gilbert

Associate Professor and Chair Direct: 817.257.7335
Photo of Jose Carrion

José Carrión

Assistant Professor Direct: 817.257.6160
Photo of Amy Couser

Amy Couser

Instructor Direct: 817.257.6347
Photo of Ze-Li Dou

Ze-Li Dou

Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.6058
Photo of Peng Fan

Peng Fan

Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.6195
Photo of Greg Friedman

Greg Friedman

Professor Direct: 817.257.6343
Photo of Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson

Instructor Direct: 817.257.6396
Photo of Rhonda Hatcher

Rhonda Hatcher

Associate Professor Direct: 817.681.7549
Photo of Emily Herzig

Emily Herzig

Instructor Direct: 817.257.5474
Photo of Dennis Ledis

Dennis Ledis

Instructor Direct: 817.257.6348
Photo of Scott Nollet

Scott Nollet

Professor Direct: 817.257.6339
Photo of Allison Owen

Allison Owen

Instructor II Direct: 817.257.6127
Photo of Efton Park

Efton Park

Professor Direct: 817.257.6345
Photo of Igor Prokhorenkov

Igor Prokhorenkov

Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.6342
Photo of Ken Richardson

Ken Richardson

Professor and Graduate Director Direct: 817.257.6128
Photo of Loren Spice

Loren Spice

Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.6340
Photo of Sue Staples

Sue Staples

Associate Professor And Actuarial Program Director Direct: 817.257.6129
Photo of Drew Tomlin

Drew Tomlin

Instructor Direct: 817.257.4743
Photo of Fred Xavier

Fred Xavier

Potter Professor of Mathematics Direct: 817.257.7741
Photo of Qiao Zhang

Qiao Zhang

Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.6346

Valerie Springer

Administrative Assistant Direct: 817.257.7335