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Dr. Efton Park

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Professor Direct: 817.257.6345
B.S. University of Oklahoma, 1983 Ph.D. Stony Brook University, 1988

About Me

After earning my BS in mathematics from the University of Oklahoma in 1983 and my Ph.D. in mathematics from Stony Brook University in 1988, I spent two years each at the University of California at Berkeley and at IUPUI. I have been in the TCU Department of Mathematics since 1992.

Research Interests

Much of my research has focused on applications of operator algebras to index theory, but I have also worked on global analysis of foliations and more general distributions with my TCU colleague Ken Richardson and Texas Tech mathematicians Jeff Lee and Lance Drager. Recently, Greg Friedman and I wrote a paper that used obstruction theory to address the question of unitary equivalence of matrices whose entries are parametrized by a CW-complex; you can find our paper here. I have also collaborated with Claude Schochet at Wayne State University, Jody Trout at Dartmouth, and TCU emeritus professor Victor Belfi. My book, Complex Topological K-Theory, is available from Cambridge University Press. I have a (fortunately short) errata list for the book.


As my colleague and friend Steve Hurder says, “Teaching is our opportunity to pass on to our students an understanding of the ideas, nature and importance of mathematics; and just sometimes, a glimpse of its beauty. Also, teaching pays the mortgage.” I have taught just about every math course TCU offers at one time or another, and even co-taught a course on the Enlightenment with a philosophy professor — I like variety!