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Ken Richardson

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Professor and Graduate Director Direct: 817.257.6128
B.A. Rice University, 1986 M.A. Rice University, 1989 Ph.D. Rice University, 1993

About Me

My degrees are all from Rice University; the last degree was a Ph.D. in 1993. I have been in the Mathematics Department at Texas Christian University since 1993.


I do mathematical research in the areas of differential geometry and global analysis; I study problems concerning Dirac and Laplace operators, group actions, and foliations. Very roughly, this type of mathematics concerns curvature, calculus, and differential equations on surfaces and higher-dimensional analogues of surfaces called manifolds. These fields are used by physicists to study the interactions of subatomic particles and theories about the fundamental laws of nature. I have worked on joint research projects with Igor Prokhorenkov, Efton Park, Victor Belfi, Jeff Lee, Franz W. Kamber, Jochen Bruning, Seoung Dal Jung, Keum Ran Lee, Georges Habib, and Ruth Gornet. You can go to the arXiv to download some of my papers and preprints.


I enjoy teaching a wide variety of mathematics courses to a wide variety of students in a wide variety of ways. Courses I have taught recently include Calculus, Higher Geometry (a sort of more advanced geometry and geometric software course geared toward future teachers), Applied Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics of Encryption, and Graduate Student Seminar.

You may ask, why is a pure mathematician teaching so many applied mathematics courses? I have always enjoyed learning new things, building and taking apart things, and attempting to understand how everything works. For that reason, I love to fix things like cars and electronics, love to code, and love physics and other applications of mathematics. Why not spread that love around?

I also am the dissertation advisor for Sharif Islam who is working on a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

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