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Dr. Scott Nollet

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Professor Direct: 817.257.6339
B.S. University of Minnesota, 1985 Ph.D. University of California - Berkeley, 1994

About Me

I grew up in the Blaine, Minnesota (15 miles north of Minneapolis) and got my undergraduate degrees in math and computer science from the University of Minnesota. My PhD in mathematics comes from U.C. Berkeley, where I wrote a thesis in algebraic geometry with Robin Hartshorne. I worked at U.C. Riverside, University of Barcelona in Spain, and the University of Notre Dame before coming to TCU in 2000.

Research Interests

I work in the field of algebraic geometry, the study of solutions to polynomial equations using modern abstract algebra as a foundation. My thesis and earlier work involved liaison theory, but I quickly moved on to study of cohomology (work with Juan Migliore, Heath Martin, Rosa Maria Miró-Roig, Margherita Roggero, Paolo Valabrega, Mei-Chu Chang and Hoil Kim) and the Hilbert scheme (work with Enrico Schlesinger). More recently I’ve done several projects with Frederico Xavier related to the Jacobian conjecture, Dawei Chen involving moduli spaces, and John Brevik exploring Noether-Lefschetz
theory and applications to an open problem of Srinivas.


I’ve taught most math courses offered at TCU and like them all, but when asked about which course I’d like to teach any given semester I always answer “Something different than last semester!” I like teaching a variety of courses rather than teaching a course over and over again – preparing anew keeps things fresh.

Other Interests

Outside of mathematics, my primary interests have been music and games. Musically I’ve sung in various chamber choruses (the U.C. Riverside Chamber Singers, the Sacred and Profane Chamber Chorus, and the U.C. Berkeley Chamber Chorus, which did some professional recordings for Harmonia Mundi at the Lucas Ranch in California and made two European tours), chorales, and church choirs over the years. Over the last year I’ve been playing in a handbell choir. While I don’t play chess tournaments anymore, I played a lot in graduate school and still hold a United States Chess Federation rating in the expert range. I’ve acted as an assistant director for kids’ tournaments in Texas.

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